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Founded in the late 1940's

Macon Concrete Products, as it is known today, was founded by a Norwegian entrepreneur, Palmer Woldhagen in the late 1940's. World War II had just ended, and Palmer, who served his country in the US Army had a desire to start his own concrete manufacturing company. He came to San Antonio from Tampa with his bride. He was a man of strong faith and who knew the value of a day's work. He called his new company Woldhagen Concrete Products.

This company began by manufacturing residential concrete steps. During the rapid growth of San Antonio in the 1950's, Palmer developed stepping stones, flower bed curbing, tree rings, and cast stones. He decided to expand into concrete structural manufacturing of bridge beams, pre-stressed concrete floor beams, and larger concrete forms. He founded The Wolco Company to create this business and in 1959 sold Woldhagen Concrete Products to his brother-in-law, Walter Macon.

Mr. Macon, had a strong work ethic and worked to expand production to include concrete tables, benches, car stops, and larger custom projects such as the fa├žade of the renowned Earl Able's Restaurant; coping of the Hemisphere Arena and Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. He was at the helm of the company for twenty-two years and made the decision to sell the company to his son, Ron Macon, the present owner. Ron recalls a saying his dad used, I don't care how fast you work, just keep up with me. Mr. Macon senior continued to work with the company until his retirement.

Ron, having worked with both his uncle and his dad, had developed a keen interest in construction and became an engineer. After designing beams, parking garages, buildings, and bridges for Texas Industries, Ron returned to San Antonio and to accept a position from his uncle Norman as general manager for his Waldhagen Construction Company. Learning from his family, Ron had developed a strong work ethic and leaned to respect the uniqueness and opportunity of the construction industry. In 1980, after purchasing Macon Concrete products Ron expanded to manufacturing concrete fences, a block making plant, ready mix concrete and larger specialty items. In 1997, he added a ready-mix service, Anytime Mobile Concrete.

IIn 2000, Ron Macon acquired the inactive company, River City Concrete Products, which he re-established. Since that time, River City Products has developed new product lines of block products, curbing, stepping stones, pad and building blocks